2018 Teachers & Speakers

Peter Gareipy

Acro Yoga - For Beginners

Katie Lee Todd-Ferrill

Acro Yoga - For Beginners

Bill and Tanja Bungardt-Price

What's Your Dosha?

Kristy Harvey

The JOY of Movement

Kim Homer

Flow & Glow Vinyasa

Michelle Marks

Awaken To Joy

Lisa Frank

Phoenix Rising Slow Flow Yoga Therapy

Melissa Cohn

Fresh Air Yin

William Ronstadt

The Divine influence of Kālī

Danielle Dvorak

Yoga Nidra & Gong Bath

Brittney Briley and Stephanie Cortes

Come FLY with Us!

Carla Perez

Opening Community Class / Deep House Yoga

Sara Soulshine

Little Omies - Kids Yoga Playshop

Jodi Gonzales

Yoga for Increased Creative Flow

Casey Shaw

Mantra Magic Closing Ceremony

Joanna Lynne Smith

hatha flow // find the light

Pamela Ronstadt

Sangha/Community Flow

David Kleinman

Yoga for Cyclists

Maria Mendola

Om Yoga Delight

Amanda Freed

The 5 Koshas - Discover The Bliss Within and Breathe and Be Calm

Tanya Witman

Everyday guide to living - the Yamas and Niyamas

Find Your Flow & Go